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NOTE: This page features information on two laserdisc sets released in Japan by Warner Home Video, they are not available in the United States. Thanks to Bill Schacht for all the following information, and for making all the images. I had previously given credit to Greg Method for the Stars of Space Jam images. Although Greg did e-mail them to me, Bill informed me that he was the one who originally scanned them.


"Stars of Space Jam" (PILA-1449) is a three disk (5-sided) limited edition laserdisk set that was released by Pioneer LDC in 1997. The three disks each have their own heavy cardboard sleeves, and they all come packaged in a slipcase-style box. The box is white, and it is wrapped with an orange-colored "obi" strip. The obi lists the Japanese name for this collection ("Best of Warner Animation"), as well as the contents of this collection (also in Japanese). Also included is a B&W insert that gives a history of Warner Bros. cartoons and some background of the directors (in Japanese). The collection is bilingual, in both English and Japanese.

The contents of this collection are the same as the 5-tape set that was released in the USA.

Front Cover | Back Cover

Disk One - Side One (Bugs Bunny)

Disk One - Side Two (Daffy Duck)

Disk Two - Side One (Sylvester and Tweety)

Disk Two - Side Two (Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote)

Disk Three - Side One (Tasmanian Devil)


In 1998, Pioneer LDC released a second limited edition boxed set. The English title for this collection is "Bugs & Friends" (PILA-3001). Like the previous set, this one includes 30 cartoons on 3 disks (5 sides). The look of this set is very close to the first set (three cardboard sleeves in a white slipcase-style box w/B&W insert). The "obi" strip this time around is green and lists the Japanese name for this collection ("Best of Warner Animation Vol.2"). Naturally, this set is bilingual in English and Japanese.

The inner sleeves feature unique artwork that was never used in the USA. Each side pairs Bugs with a different WB character. The compilations are unique to this collection.

Front Cover | Back Cover

Disk One Side One
Bugs & Tweety: "Watch the Birdie"
Disk One Side Two
Bugs & Daffy: "What's Up, Duck?"
Disk Two Side One
Bugs & Road Runner: "Runaway Rabbit"
Disk Two Side Two
Bugs & Speedy: "Hare Today, Gone Tomorrow"
Disk Three Side One
Bugs & Marvin: "Martian Mayhem"

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