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The CENSORED Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Guide

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"Canary Row" (Freleng; 1950):

"Canned Feud" (Freleng; 1951):

"Case of the Missing Hare" (Jones; 1943):

"The Cat Came Back" (Freleng; 1936):

"Cat Feud" (Jones; 1958):

"Catch as Cats Can" (Davis; 1947):

"Cats A-Weigh" (McKimson; 1953):

"The Cat's Bah" (Jones; 1954):

"Censored" (Tashlin; 1944; Private Snafu):

"Chaser on the Rocks" (Larriva; 1965):

"Cheese Chasers" (Jones; 1951):

"Cheese It- the Cat!" (McKimson; 1957):

"Chili Weather" (Freleng; 1963):

"China Jones" (McKimson; 1959):

"Chow Hound" (Jones; 1951):

"Claws For Alarm" (Jones; 1954):

"Claws in the Lease" (McKimson; 1963):

"Confederate Honey" (Freleng; 1940):

"Corn On the Cop" (Spector; 1965):

"Corn Plastered" (McKimson; 1951):

"A Coy Decoy" (Clampett; 1941):

"The Crackpot Quail" (Avery; 1941):

"Crazy Cruise" (Avery and Clampett; 1942):

"Cross-Country Detours" (Avery; 1940):

"Crowing Pains" (McKimson; 1947):

"Curtain Razor" (Freleng; 1949):

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Thanks to DON3k for image from "China Jones"

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