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The CENSORED Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies Guide

The Censored 11

The Censored 11 are eleven Warner Bros. cartoons that are considered offensive or politically incorrect by today's standards because of their depictions of African-American racial stereotypes. This list was created in 1968 by United Artists (then owners of the A.A.P. library) and is of cartoons withheld from distribution by the current distributor. After obtaining the rights to the pre-1948 Warner Bros. cartoons in 1986, Ted Turner refused to allow any of these films to be transmitted on television or released on videocassette or laserdisc. This policy was maintained by Time Warner after purchasing Turner Broadcasting in 1996 and continues to be upheld to this day.

"Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land" (Harman and Ising; 1931)

"Sunday Go to Meetin' Time" (Freleng; 1936)

"Clean Pastures" (Freleng; 1937)

"Uncle Tom's Bungalow" (Avery; 1937)

"Jungle Jitters" (Freleng; 1938)

"The Isle Of Pingo Pongo" (Avery; 1938)

"All This and Rabbit Stew" (Avery; 1941)

"Coal Black and De Sebben Dwarfs" (Clampett; 1943)

"Tin Pan Alley Cats" (Clampett; 1943)

"Angel Puss" (Jones; 1944)

"Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears" (Freleng; 1944)


In October 2010, Warner Home Video announced that all of these films will be released on a special DVD compilation through the Warner Archive Collection sometime in 2011. Previously, only a few of these shorts were available on bootleg VHS and DVD releases from small distributors. Most of those, however, were discontinued due to a crackdown on illegal bootlegs by WHV during the mid-late 2000s. It should also be noted that three of these cartoons "Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land", "Jungle Jitters", and "All This and Rabbit Stew" have fallen into the public domain and have, thus, appeared on several public domain VHS and DVD releases as well as online video websites such as YouTube and Dailymotion.

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