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Rosebud, a little field mouse with big ears, may have the honor of being the most obscure Looney Tunes character to have merchandise based on him. Rosebud (as he was identified on the figures --- one of which can be seen above) was included in the series of Shaw ceramics made in the 1940s. The set also included various ceramics of Elmer, Bugs, Porky, Petunia, and Sniffles.

The figures appear to be based on a character who very briefly appeared in two cartoons directed by Bob Clampett:

"Farm Frolics" (1941)

"Horton Hatches the Egg" (1942)

Hysterical Hyram, Minniesoda Fats, and Hoppy:

In 1981, a puzzle was released showing a group of 105 Looney Tunes characters. Among them were the three characters shown above who were identified as Hysterical Hyram, Minniesoda Fats, and Hoppy. However, none of these three characters have appeared in any WB cartoons to anyone's knowledge (you know these guys are obscure when even Jerry Beck doesn't know their origins!). Were these characters who never got off the drawing board? Characters from an obscure commercial or TV pilot? If anyone has more information please contact us.

Hoppy and Hyram can be seen among the characters waiting for a wish at one point in Daffy Duck's Fantastic Island (along with an equally unknown white dog and mouse wearing a hat) .

Here's a closer look at their only known film appearance:

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