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The following is a collection of various information about the Cartoon Network airing WB cartoons and specials. Thanks to: Steve Siegert (nsiegert@remc8.k12.mi.us) for most of this!
June Bugs (1997)

June Bugs started Friday, June 13th at 8:00 PM (eastern time). It started with the premiere of "Blooper Bunny". This short also aired Saturday and Sunday at the same time. Other than "Blooper Bunny" this is the order the cartoons went in.

Turner didn't have acess to 48 hours worth of Bugs Bunny cartoons, so after the last one on this list, Cartoon Network started from the beginning again. I only watched this the entire first round, so if there are any to add, then I would need to know.

The first time through, they showed "Crazy Cruise", unedited twice in a row. After the first round, they replaced the repeat with "Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid". Also, the first time through, they aired about 7/8 of "The Great Piggy Bank Robbery", probably to fill up time until they were to find "Duck Amuck", which came after this. The only edited cartoons were "Fresh Hare," "Tortoise Wins by a Hare," "Hare Ribbin'" "The Big Snooze", "Frigid Hare", "Ballot Box Bunny", "Bugs Bonnets", and "Southern Fried Rabbit". The cartoons were shown in this order:

TV Specials

The following Looney Tunes TV specials have been broadcast on the Cartoon Network.

May 11, 1997- Bugs Bunny's Mother's Day Special

Jun. 9, 1997- Bugs Bunny's Mad World of Television
              The Bugs Bunny Mystery Special

Jun. 10, 1997- Bugs Bunny in King Arthur's Court
               Bugs Bunny's Lunar Tunes

Jun. 11, 1997- Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over
               Bugs Bunny's Carnival of Animals

Jun. 12, 1997- Bugs Bunny: All American Hero
               How Bugs Bunny Won the West

Oct. 31, 1997- Bugs Bunny's Howl-Oween Special
               Bugs Bunny's Creature Features

Nov. 22, 1997- Bugs Bunny's Thanksgiving Diet
               Daffy Duck's Thanks-For-Giving Special

TBS' Super Bugs-a-Thon (1997)

The contents of the TBS' Super Bugs-a-Thon which aired on Nov. 27, 1997 (Thanksgiving day) were as follows:

    "False Hare"
    "Rabbit's Feat"
    "The Iceman Ducketh"
    "Bedevilled Rabbit"
    "Now Hare This"
    "Spaced-Out Bunny"
    "Hare-way to the Stars"
    "Rabbit Every Monday"
    "Bunker Hill Bunny"
    "Haredevil Hare"
    "Hare Remover"
    "Buccaneer Bunny"
    "Wabbit Twouble"
    "Bully For Bugs"
    "The Rabbit of Seville"
    "Hot Cross Bunny"
    "A Hare Grows in Manhatten"
    "Rabbit Fire"
    "A Star is Bored"
    "Hiawatha's Rabbit Hunt"
    "Bunker Hill Bunny"
    "The Wabbit Who Came to Supper"
    "Wackiki Wabbit"
    "Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk"
    "Beanstalk Bunny"

Yule Toons (1997)

On Dec. 14, 1997 CN had an all-day Christmas Marathon and they had an hour showing of holiday shorts. It had the following:
    "One Ham's Family"
    "Toyland Broadcast"
    "Alias St. Nick"
    "Gift Wrapped"
    "Seasons Greetinks" (colorized)
    "Hare Force" (old print)

Mil-Looney-Um (1999)

The Mil-Looney-Um Marathon ran for 48 hours on Cartoon Network from Dec. 18 at 12:00am to Dec. 20 at 12:00am. Here is a complete listing of what was shown. Thanks to Peter Sofronas (peter@emeraldsentinel.com).

    Duck Dodgers in the 24 1/2th Century Tweety's S.O.S. The Wild Hare Ready, Set, Zoom! Porky and Gabby (Colorized) The Foghorn Leghorn The Old Grey Hare Dog Tired Daffy Doodles Broken Leghorn Hollywood Steps Out What's My Lion Ballot Box Bunny The Blow Out (Colorized) Bartholomew versus the Wheel Tortoise Wins by a Hare Book Revue Sniffles and The Bookworm Soup or Sonic For Scent-imental Reasons Big Game Haunt Wackiki Wabbit Fast Buck Duck The Bear's Tale Fish Tales (Redrawn) Kiddin' the Kitten Rebel Rabbit Cheese It, the Cat! Along Came Daffy Curious Puppy Big Top Bunny When I Yoo Hoo Tabasco Road Lovelorn Leghorn Daffy Duck Hunt Rabbit Every Monday A Tale of Two Mice Boulder Wham! Knights Must Fall Porky the Fireman (Colorized) Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid Hot Rod and Reel Each Dawn I Crow Hoppy Daze Mother Was a Rooster Hollywood Daffy Bedevilled Rabbit Hop, Skip, and a Chump Bye Bye Bluebeard War and Pieces What's Up, Doc? Bad Ol' Putty Tat A Witch's Tangled Hare Strife with Father Birth of a Notion Greedy for Tweety Boobs in the Woods Horton Hatches the Egg Fast and Furry-ous Henhouse Henery Bunker Hill Bunny The Impatient Patient (Colorized) Country Mouse Home Tweet Home Boston Quackie Touche and Go Spaced Out Bunny Wild About Hurry The Jet Cage Porky's Hired Hand (Colorized) A Hare Grows in Manhattan Gift Wrapped Fast Buck Duck The Cat's Tale Much Ado About Nutting Rabbit's Kin Stage Door Cartoon House Hunting Mice Hare Tonic A Tale of Two Kitties Golden Yeggs The Mouse-Merized Cat The Windblown Hare Daffy Dilly Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears To Itch His Own A Street Cat Named Sylvester Lickety Splat Lumber Jerks Yankee Doodle Daffy Wabbit Twouble Sock a Doodle Doo Elmer's Candid Camera Dog Gone Modern Tweet and Sour Bewitched Bunny Mouse-Placed Kitten Hare-Abian Knights Little Boy Boo Conrad the Sailor Go Fly a Kit Little Orphan Airedale Heir Conditioned Hyde and Hare Porky and Teabiscuit (Colorized) Bugs and Thugs Rhapsody in Rivets Ducking the Devil Zip Zip Hooray Hair-Raising Hare Gee Whiz-z-z-z! Daffy Duck Slept Here Little Rodent Riding Hood The Heckling Hare Porky's Bear Facts (Redrawn) Snow Business Transylvania 6-5000 Back Alley Op-Roar Deduce You Say Hare-Way to the Stars Porky the Wrestler (Colorized) Bee-Deviled Bruin Rhapsody Rabbit Nasty Quacks Claws For Alarm Bone Sweet Bone Dr. Devil and Mr. Hare An Itch in Time Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk Tree Cornered Tweety Rabbit of Seville The Great Piggy Bank Robbery One Froggy Evening Canary Row I Love to Singa Rabbit Fire The Scarlet Pumpernickel A Sheep in the Deep Fowl Weather Hare Trigger The Cagey Canary The Big Snooze There They Go-Go-Go Porky and Daffy (Colorized) Rabbit Punch The Dover Boys at Pimento University Road Runner A-Go-Go Putty Tat Trouble Super Rabbit Speedy Gonzales Fin N' Catty Tom Turk and Daffy Big House Bunny Gone Batty A Gruesome Twosome Show Biz Bugs Life with Feathers Porky's Badtime Story (Colorized) Tortoise Beats Hare Daffy Duck and Egghead Punch Trunk Buckaroo Bugs High Note Hare Force Weasel Stop Naughty Neighbors (Colorized) Who Scent You? Goo Goo Goliath Banty Raids Lighter Than Hare The Hep Cat Quack Shot Dixie Fryer Dangerous Dan McFoo The Wearing of the Grin Freeze Frame The Brave Little Bat Porky's Hare Hunt Odor-Able Kitty Bingo Crosbyana From Hare to Heir Merlin the Magic Mouse The Trial of Mr. Wolf Notes to You (Colorized) Southern Fried Rabbit Run, Run, Sweet Road Runner Smile, Darn Ya, Smile Barbary Coat Bunny Daffy Flies North Often an Orphan The Unmentionables Hop, Look, and Listen Freddy the Freshman The Bashful Buzzard Martian Through Georgia Hold the Lion, Please Prince Varmint Pappy's Puppy Little Red Walking Hood Crazy Cruise What Makes Daffy Duck? Acrobatty Bunny A Mutt in a Rut The Stupor Salesman What's Brewin' Bruin? The Wacky Worm Rebel Without Claws Rabbit Romeo Porky's Naughty Nephew (Colorized) Gorilla My Dreams Daffy's Southern Exposure (Redrawn) The Egg Collector Easter Yeggs Fox Terror The Super Snooper Honey's Money Bill of Hare Muzzle Tough Hippydrome Tiger Hot Cross Bunny The Stupid Cupid A Kiddies Kitty Swooner Crooner Robin Hood Daffy Captain Hareblower Feather Dusted Hare Remover Prehistoric Porky (Colorized) The Goofy Gophers The Fair-Haired Hare Duck Soup to Nuts Pigs in a Polka Bell Hoppy Slick Hare Crowing Pains Tick Tock Tuckered This Is a Life? Wild Over You Porky the Rain-Maker (Colorized) Elmer's Pet Rabbit Of Rice and Hen Beanstalk Bunny A Bone for a Bone Scaredy Cat Daffy Duck in Hollywood Rabbit's Feat Snowtime for Comedy Bugsy and Mugsy To Duck or Not To Duck The Village Smithy (Colorized) Hoppy Go Lucky The Hare-Brained Hypnotist Raw! Raw! Rooster! Fool Coverage Hobo Bobo Buccaneer Bunny Lion's Busy Paying the Piper Tired and Feathered A Star Is Bored Case Of the Missing Hare A Pest in The House Tweetie Pie Cat Feud Operation: Rabbit Shot and Bothered Rabbit Seasoning Porky the Giant Killer (Colorized) Cat's A-Weigh Ant Pasted Sleepy Time Possum The Squawkin' Hawk A Corny Concerto Double or Mutton Scent-imental over You Long-Haired Hare Strangled Eggs Birdy and the Beast Racketeer Rabbit Draftee Daffy I Gopher You Water, Water Every Hare The Slick Chick Highway Runnery Rabbit Transit Kitty Kornered Bully For Bugs Feed The Kitty Daffy Duck and The Dinosaur Catty Cornered Haredevil Hare Porky Pig's Feat (Colorized) Duck! Rabbit! Duck! From A to Z-z-z-z Walky Talky Hawky The Solid Tin Coyote I Haven't Got a Hat Baseball Bugs Dog Pounded Falling Hare Lighthouse Mouse Little Red Riding Rabbit Wise Quacks I Wanna Be a Sailor Goldi-Mouse and the Three Cats Bugs Bunny Rides Again Hip-Hip Hurry! Dough for the Do-Do The Leghorn Blows at Midnight Satan's Waitin' Blooper Bunny Duck Amuck

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